Monday, April 30, 2018

FACEBOOK - Can Be Fooled

"How Facebook’s news feed can be fooled into spreading misinformation" PBS NewsHour 4/25/2018


SUMMARY:  Facebook’s news feed algorithm learns in great detail what we like, and then strives to give us more of the same -- and it's that technology that can be taken advantage of to spread junk news like a virus.  Science correspondent Miles O'Brien begins a four-part series on Facebook’s battle against misinformation that began after the 2016 Presidential election.

Monday, April 2, 2018


"Why ransomware attacks target local governments like Atlanta" PBS NewsHour 3/30/2018


SUMMARY:  Nine days ago, a cyberattack brought Atlanta to a virtual standstill.  Now the city says it is slowly making progress restoring its computer network.  Officials have not said whether they paid a $51,000 ransom to a group known as SamSam, which is thought to be behind the hack.  Hari Sreenivasan learns more from Allan Liska of the security firm Recorded Future.