Saturday, October 31, 2015

My New iPhone 6 iOS9 (Updated)

(Right-hand Pic edited to my arrangement)

My old Android (Google) was dying, so I just got an Apple iPhone 6 iOS9.

I found out that if you are running iOS9, Android has a Move from Android to iPhone app.

This made getting all my data (contacts, pictures, etc.) transferred to my iPhone easy.

It is a very nice smartphone, but it took me about 20hrs tinkering to get it the way I wanted it.  Then there's the cost (don't ask) even though I use Consumer Cellular which provides low cost phones, no-contract account, and you customize you plan.  Also give AARP discounts, which is great for us 70-somethings.

The madding thing is Apple insisting in forcing you to use iTunes to upload/sync anything.  I had a very @#!@@#! time figuring out how to get my ringtones on the iPhone.  In fact, it's iTunes that loads the driver so you can see you iPhone on your PC.

Finally found a YouTube video on how to do that, but if you watch it you'll see it is complicated.  But its better than trying any sync/download app to work as advertised.

UPDATE:  There are some mistakes in the above video, the author seems to be using an older version of iTunes.  Also there is a ringtone download site that you can use to get ringtones in the correct .m4r format.  ZEDGE Ringtones (screenshots below)

Home Page for my iPhone

Example Download page
I suggest you download to your computer so you can drag-drop to iTunes, therefore be available for new phones.  On my Win7 Pro 64bit rig, downloads go to the Downloads folder, do drag/drop to iTunes is easy.  Since the downloaded files are ringtone-ready, no need to go through the complicated steps of creating .m4r files.

CORRECTIONS:  Here are screen shots for newer versions of iTunes you need.

There were several sites that helped, here's two:

So far, I do like iPhone 6 iOS9..... so far.