Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WINXP - Downloaded Installs (MSI)

This article is about software installers that you download, especially MSI files (Microsoft System Installer). Like: filename.msi

The problem that MSI files may present, is needing access to the original file to uninstall or repair the software.

In these cases, if you download the file to a temporary location then delete or move it after you run the installer, uninstall/repair options will not work because it will look for the MSI file in the original location.

Hint, if the download is a MSI file:

  1. Download it to whatever location is your normal for your downloads BUT do NOT run it yet

  2. Decide where you are actually going to install the program, example C:\Program Files\program-name, and create the folder manually

  3. Now create a sub-folder, like C:\Program Files\program-name\Installer

  4. Now move the filename.msi into the Installer folder and run it from there

  5. Make sure you choose a custom installation and select C:\Program Files\program-name as the install folder.

Doing this will ensure all uninstall/repair entries in the Registry point to the Installer folder where the original MSI file is located.

This procedure MAY also be needed if the download is a ZIP file that contains ONLY a MSI file.

Most installers that are filename.exe or ZIP files containing Setup.exe will not need this procedure because the correct Registry entries for uninstall/repair and made.

Friday, May 14, 2010

PC SECURITY - Copy Machines Put Companies, and you, at RISK!

Copy Machines have hard drive with thousands of documents on them and anyone can buy used ones form warehouses, putting extremely sensitive documents in anyone's hands.

sensitive and personal information at risk

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

WinXP - eMail Clients & Microsoft Exchange Servers

This post is about eMail Clients Pegasus and Thunderbird when using a Microsoft Exchange Server.

The company I work for recently changed from a local (non-SSL) eMail Server to a Microsoft Cloud Exchange Server (, using SSL security. This presented some setup problems with Pegasus and Thunderbird that some users prefer.

Below are the screenshots (click on image for full view) of the settings that worked.

The Port Numbers used are standard for SSL.

WARNING: Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 users

  • You should already have Windows Search 4.o installed, but....

  • ...IF you do not, it is critical that you install Windows Search 4.o BEFORE opening Outlook 2007.

IN ADDITION: If you are updating your eMail Account to a Microsoft Exchange Server, you should edit your eMail Account via Control Panel, eMail icon, NOT by opening Outlook.