Thursday, March 5, 2009

WINXP - Broken Bookmarks, DeadLinks

How many times have we tried to go to a Favorites' link (aka URL) and got an error. This is sometimes called a Dead Link. There are tools that can verify/check your Favorites folder and verify the links.

The one I just found is AM-DeadLinks (freeware)

Some features: (use screenshot below for clarification)

  • Two modes of scanning and verifying links

    • Normal which only verifies links

    • FavIcons scan which verifies links AND downloads site icons

  • From the dialog, you can:

    • Edit link Properties (aka change name or URL)

    • Delete the link if it is broken

    • Launch the link in a dialog browser or change to full-screen browser

Depending on how many links you have in Favorites, AM-DeadLinks will take a long time to scan all entries in the normal mode, and noticeably longer in the FavIcon mode.

In the screenshot, in the bottom Statusbar, note that I had 1916 Bookmarks, which took a good 10-15min to scan (at work using T1 broadband). Also note the Connections: 10, which means this tool is fast but uses much bandwidth. Therefore I suggest you run this tool with NO other windows open, especially a WEB Browser.

Just like any WinXP window with columns, if you click one (like Status) the display box will sort by the contents of the column. Clicking the Status column will put broken links at the top. And right-clicking a broken link brings up a Context Menu with options.

Check it out.

AM-DeadLinks Dialog
(click to enlarge)

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