Wednesday, April 7, 2010

OT - Microsoft Outlook

Due to a recent experience with Microsoft Outlook I've decided to post on this.

Win7 does NOT include Outlook Express, so the Win7 Easy Transfer tool cannot import Express emails. It DOES import Office Outlook emails. (Win7 Easy Transfer works VERY well by the way)

Be aware that the format of Outlook mailbox files (filename.pst) changed after Outlook 2000. Outlook 2003 thru 2007 use MIME. To use Outlook 2000 mailbox files you must import them to newer versions of Outlook mailbox files.

  1. First without opening Outlook, rename your transferred 2000 mailbox files, examples:

    • Outlook.pst -> Outlook2000.pst

    • Archive.pst -> Archive2000.pst

  2. If you use a Transfer Tool (like Win7 Easy Transfer) AND you have not used Outlook yet, you should be offered the option to import mailbox files when you first start Outlook. Simply import the 2 renamed files above (they should be shown as being old format).

  3. Otherwise you can manually import via File menu, Data File Management.

  4. Use Outlook's Help: Search "Convert a non-Unicode data file" and you should see the link at the top of the listing.

    Just follow the step-by-step instructions to import:

    • Outlook2000.pst -> Outlook.pst

    • Archive2000.pst -> Archive.pst

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