Friday, March 26, 2010

WINXP - Parted Magic

Ever need to troubleshoot or fix a hard drive?

I've found a nice utility: Parted Magic (Open Source freeware)

Note the, "If you would like to use Parted Magic from a CD" on their page, which is a download of an ISO image you can write to CD, and have the Parted Magic LiveCD (bootable).

You boot to the CD and get a Linux Desktop (screenshot, outdated) where you can run hard drive tools.

  • Ghost for Linux

  • Linux Partition Manager (can handle NTFS partitions)

  • TestDisk from CGSecurity

I also like, that after reaching the Linux Desktop (in a RAM-Disk) it ejects the CD automatically. Therefore if you select to reboot, it will not boot to the CD.

(click for larger view)

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