Tuesday, February 9, 2010

WINXP - The BETTER Disk Cleanup Utility

On a previous post I recommended using Windows Disk Cleanup (in System Utilities menu) to clean excess files on your hard drive. Well there is a much better utility.

CCleaner (freeware)

(click for larger view)

What makes it better can be seen in the screenshot, the selection of WHAT you want to clean, which is remembered for the next run. The list is more extensive than what Windows Disk Cleanup offers.

CCleaner includes the Applications tab. Also note the sidebar utilities.

The Applications tab allows you to clean MRU (Most Recently Used) lists for applications.

Also (note the screenshot) that you select what to clean BEFORE you analyze or run. Which is much different than Windows Disk Cleanup, with it's long wait.

Works with WinXp, Vista, Win7, Win2003 Server.

CAUTION: You do have to be careful on what you select to clean.

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