Friday, December 18, 2009

WINXP - Report on Firefox Browser

I have just started to use Mozilla Firefox Browser at home and work. So here's my impressions when run on WinXP.

(Note that I use Firefox on my Linux Ubuntu Notebook PC)

Off the bat, it is faster than IE8 (which I run at home/work).

Has some very nice Add-ons you can install via Firefox's Tools menu.

I am using Firefox to post this article as we "speak." It is very nice in appearance and ease of use.

I highly suggest you try it, and it's FREE.

Here is a list of recommended Add-ons:
  • Add Bookmark Here (adds this to the top of each Bookmark list)
  • CheckPlaces (verifies URL & can update Favcons)
  • FireFTP
  • ABC SpellBound (spelling checker)
  • CookieSafe (tracks cookies & includes Blacklist option)
  • View Cookies (easy way to view cookies on a page via Tools, Page Info)
  • Print Preview (you can add a [Print Preview] button to Toolbar)
  • Default FullZoom Level 4.3 (easy way to set zoom factor)

I did find one fault which I've reported to Mozilla. The Firefox Print-to-Fit does not work properly.

Example you go to the Star Wars article in Wikipedia, there are tables. The print-out from Firefox, the tables are chopped-off on the right, in IE8 the full table is shown. Small annoyance as far as I'm concerned.

(12/22/2009 update)

Just discovered something due to a problem another Firefox user had.

Some sites may have music that plays in the background. The problem is the HTML code used is an outdated Microsoft Frontpage standard called "bgsound" that is IE only code.

It is not supported by Firefox. The new HTML standard is to use what is called an embedded object, like the code use by YouTube which you can add to your WEB page (like this blog).

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