Wednesday, April 1, 2009

PC SECURITY - Virus Threats and Reality

I am posting this because of the 4/2009 issue of the Conficker Worm as a "Doomsday" threat. (suggest you read the article at link)

While we all need to be diligent in protecting our PCs from all threats that come over the Network or World Wide WEB, we also need to NOT panic.

Also, there are numerous emails circulating (SPAM emails), with dire warnings about viruses, that have been out there for years. They are about old threats that, usually, have been already dealt with by all current AntiVirus/Anti-Spyware utilities.

As I posted in a previous articles (1)(2)(3), you should be running a good AntiVirus utility AND an additional Anti-Spyware utility. In both case, you MUST keep the Threat Definitions up-to-date, regardless of the cost.

There are very good sites you can use to see what the REAL current threats are:

I use all three.

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