Monday, February 23, 2009

WINXP - Networking, Shares

This is some info on Sharing Folders or Printers with other Desktops on a network, at home or in a business. This discussion assumes you have your network already setup and running.

To share a folder, right-click the folder in Explorer (aka My Computer), and select Properties, Sharing tab. By default WinXP has Network sharing and security DISABLED, so you will first have to enable sharing by using the If you understand the risks... option.

After a few [Next] clicks, you get the Enable File Sharing dialog. I highly suggest the Just enable file sharing option as the simplest.

After enabling File Sharing, you get the Dialog that will normally open when you right-click on a folder and selecting Properties, Sharing tab. (so you enable sharing once)

Now you can click the Share this folder on the network option, then [Apply]. That's all you really need. You close all dialogs.

For Sharing Printers, if you have already enabled sharing, you just use Printers and Faxes dialog and right-click the printer you want to share, select Properties. Sharing tab.

IMPORTANT: Firewall Setting

There is a Firewall option that must be enabled to allow sharing of your folders or printers that MAY not automatically be set.

You can use Control Panel, Windows Firewall icon, Exceptions tab. You must enable (check) File and Printer Sharing.

There is another side effect if you DO NOT have this exception enabled; you can use the ping command to ping other desktops on your network, but they will NOT be able to ping you.

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