Sunday, February 28, 2016

UTILITIES - Hardware Monitor Update

I have posted about Hardware Monitor (HWMonitor) from CPUID before (a long while back), but it has been updated.

Reminder, HWMonitor works using the monitoring functions of your motherboard and BIOS, so the features you see in screenshot are dependent on your motherboard.

I am running HWMonitor Pro v1.23.0 now on my Win7 Pro 64bit rig:

The newest additions are the Clocks and Utilizations sections for the CPU, and note that my Smart-UPS (connected via USB) is also displayed.

This screenshot is scrolled down, the top sections contain the temp/voltages/fan-speed info for my motherboard.

The only difference between the free version HWMonitor and for-fee HWMonitor Pro is pro allows you to record graphs of the values while you monitor.

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