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PC GAMING - Fallout 4

I just realized I posted about the 'Song From Fallout Fan Word' which is Fallout 4 but have not posted in general about Fallout 4.

Here's my take on Fallout 4: OUTSTANDING

I've been playing for over 320 game-days, several new-games since 11/11/2015.  The game takes place in the "Commonwealth" aka Greater Boston area.

Review from IGN:


Most of the way this huge roleplaying-shooter game works is carried over from its excellent predecessors, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.  It is the Skyrim to Fallout 3’s Oblivion, if you will – it iterates on the previous game’s already amazing systems, and it’s similarly dense with locations to explore, genuinely creepy monsters to fight, and superbly engrossing post-nuclear atmosphere that blends unsettling gore and death with dark comedy.  After more than 55 hours played I may have seen an ending, yet I feel like I’ve only begun to explore its extraordinary world; from the look of it, I’ll easily be able to spend another 100 happy hours here and still see new and exciting things.

A story that begins as a basic search for your lost family evolves into something much more complex and morally nuanced.  Like in Fallout: New Vegas, we’re drawn into a struggle between several groups competing for control of the region, and deciding which of their imperfect post-apocalyptic philosophies to align with made me pause to consider how I wanted events to play out.  Even the highly questionable Institute has a tempting reason to side with them, and turning away from them in my playthrough wasn’t as clear-cut a choice as I’d expected.  I was impressed by the sympathy shown toward the villains, too - even the most irredeemable murderer is explored and given a trace of humanity.

There was a BIG problem.  The initial version downloaded from Steam has a restrictive screen resolution, would not display in my native 1280x1024.  Note I said "was."  Found fixes for this problem via Google, see below.

Also, there's no "Data" option in the Launch Dialog, so you cannot easily add MODS, but this is a minor problem for me.

The biggest feature of Fallout 4 that I really like is crafting.  With the proper Perks, you can craft/upgrade any weapon or armor you have, as long as you have the proper Crafting Items.  There's even an Crafting Item List online.

Fallout 4 is a big improvement of the Fallout series.

How to correct display resolution:

1)   Find C:\Users\[name]\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\ Fallout4Prefs.ini and edit the following entries to read...

  • bTopMostWindow=0
  • bMaximizeWindow=0
  • bBorderless=1
  • bFull Screen=1
  • iSize H=1024
  • iSize W=1280

2)   Get “Fallout 4 1280x1024 HUD Fixes” MOD and copy contents to your game folder, example C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4\Data\  (note that this MOD has no .esp file, it modifies scripts)  From MOD readme.....

   1.   Copy Data folder contents into your Fallout 4 Data directory

   2.   Edit \My Documents\My games\Fallout 4\Fallout4.ini

   - Find sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\,
   - Change it to:  sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, INTERFACE\

   - ADD under [Interface] section

  • fLockPositionY=100.0000
  • fUIPowerArmorGeometry_TranslateZ=-18.5000
  • fUIPowerArmorGeometry_TranslateY=460.0000

How to skip intro when loading game.

First go to C:\Users\[name]\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\ and open up Fallout4.ini and under [General] ADD:

  • SIntroSequence=1
  • fChancesToPlayAlternateIntro=0
  • uMainMenuDelayBeforeAllowSkip=1

Now you should have no more pesky long intro video, key [Space] to get the game Load Menu.

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