Tuesday, May 14, 2013

LINUX- Ubuntu 13.04

Well, Ubuntu 13.04 is released.

My Ubuntu 13, GNOME Desktop (click for larger view)

Note the [Steam] desktop icon (launcher).  That's right, Ubuntu 13 has the Steam Client available from the Software Center.

The upgrade from Ubuntu 12.10 to 13.04, using the Software Updater when notified, was flawless.  Everything came back as before upgrade.  Only had to change a few settings because of new apps.

As to Steam:

The Steam Client runs very well.  The Store has a [Linux] tab that list Linux Games.  And there's the rub.  Not all games listed in the [Linux] tab run properly, which is NOT Steam's fault.  It is the game publisher's fault.

Here is a list of Linux games I've tried:
  • Amnesia = Does not run at all.
  • Anna = Runs, BUT the mouse speed is so high/fast that the game is unplayable.  And the Main Menu Option to set mouse speed cannot be selected.
  • Postal (1) = Seems to run OK..... so far.
  • Postal 2 = Runs the Running With Scissors [WARNING] dialog, that automatically closes, then nothing.
  • Dungeon Defenders = Supposed to be new, but when started it goes through several Logo Dialogs [Press any key to continue], after those I got a blank-black dialog and that's it.  Even lost the mouse.  Had to use [Alt][F4] to force-close.
  • Half-Life (1) - Runs very good, except for sound, an old reverb problem (need to find a way to disable)
The only reason I tried these?  They were cheap.

So when it comes to Steam's Linux game, beware.

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