Thursday, May 16, 2013

LINUX - Image for Linux

There is a very good drive imaging backup utility available Image for Linux from TeraByte Inc.

Startup dialog

As I have said in a previous post on backing up your hard drive, an image backup is the best.  Much better than any file backup.

Image for Linux backs up all USED sectors on your Linux hard drive, therefore [Restore] gets you your full (boot) hard drive back.  It can backup to CDs or another device, such as an USB Stick.  Well worth the price.

WARNING:  Make sure you have your USB Sick plugged-in BEFORE turning on your system to boot to the CD.  I use a 32gb USB Stick to backup my Ubuntu 13.04 laptop hard drive.

You get an eMail with your license keys, or you can copy/paste from your online recept.

Your download will be via an eMail with a special 24hr expiring link.  The downloaded ZIP file contains several other ZIP files.  You select the one you have the license for and.... see below... the = Image for Linux (IFL) GUI version.

(click for larger view)

Extract and you get all the other files seen above.

Run makedisk to write a bootable CD, and you will be prompted for your license key.  Just in case, you will need a CD/DVD drive that can write.

As noted in pic, you do not need to keep the files you unzipped.  AFTER you confirm you can boot to the CD and IFL works, you can delete these files.  You just keep the original downloaded ZIP file.

I highly recommend you get the PDF manual and save/print, and read.

I've used this IFL for a year now to backup, worked without a hitch.  But, thankfully, I have not used the Restore function yet.

Your IFL boot disk runs in Linux environment GUI with mouse.  You just go through each dialog.

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