Friday, August 12, 2011

SOFTWARE - EaseUS Partition Master Pro

An excellent hard drive partition utility, EaseUS Partition Master Professional.

All Partition Master Pro's features can be seen in the sidebar of the screenshot of the Main Dialog.

Especially note the "WinPE bootable disk" under Tools. This is also available from Partition Master's start menu list as "Create bootable disk." Partition Master comes with an ISO image that is written (using either option) to a CD and runs the entire utility when you boot to the CD. This is the best feature, and I suggest using this CD for the most trouble-free method of using this utility especially for operations on your boot disk (C:).

Note the dark purple color designates a Primary Partition, the cyan is a Logical Partition.

In the screenshot, both Disk1 and Disk2 are external Firewire Hard Drives, and are seen by Windows (WinXP SP3) first.

(click for better view)

NOTE: This is better than MimiTool's Partition Wizard Pro.

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