Tuesday, July 20, 2010

WIN XP - Power Point Presentation to Movie

This post is about ways to convert a Microsoft Power Point Presentation to a movie.

I wanted to do this on occasion but did have the means 'till now. My problem is I do not have Microsoft Office on my system at home. I use Open Office Suite (open-source aka freeware).

I found a Convert PowerPoint To Video: Guide To The Best Free Services page which lists applications for conversion.

Problem, most I tried REQUIRED Microsoft Power Point Presentation to be installed to work.

The exception (NOT requiring Power Point) was Xilisoft PowerPoint to Video Converter.

It worked quite well, and does not need Power Point because it loads MS Power Point Reader as a plug-in.

There ARE drawbacks:
  • I HAD to buy the Personal version (vs Free) because I didn't have Power Point installed

  • It is a real resource hog once conversion starts, don't use ANY other application

This is just one Power Point Slide Show I converted.

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