Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WINXP - Downloaded Installs (MSI)

This article is about software installers that you download, especially MSI files (Microsoft System Installer). Like: filename.msi

The problem that MSI files may present, is needing access to the original file to uninstall or repair the software.

In these cases, if you download the file to a temporary location then delete or move it after you run the installer, uninstall/repair options will not work because it will look for the MSI file in the original location.

Hint, if the download is a MSI file:

  1. Download it to whatever location is your normal for your downloads BUT do NOT run it yet

  2. Decide where you are actually going to install the program, example C:\Program Files\program-name, and create the folder manually

  3. Now create a sub-folder, like C:\Program Files\program-name\Installer

  4. Now move the filename.msi into the Installer folder and run it from there

  5. Make sure you choose a custom installation and select C:\Program Files\program-name as the install folder.

Doing this will ensure all uninstall/repair entries in the Registry point to the Installer folder where the original MSI file is located.

This procedure MAY also be needed if the download is a ZIP file that contains ONLY a MSI file.

Most installers that are filename.exe or ZIP files containing Setup.exe will not need this procedure because the correct Registry entries for uninstall/repair and made.

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