Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WINXP - Two More MS System Internals

In a prior article I pointed you to Microsoft's System Internals utility Process Explorer. Well, here are 2 more I like.

Desktop System Info (BgInfo)

This utility (or toy) displays System Information on your Desktop.
(click screenshots for bigger view)

Below shows you the dialog. Note the formatting toolbar.

By the way, you may want to use File, Save As, to save your configuration to My Documents. Then you can open the saved file and edit, then save.

Also, you need to place a copy of the shortcut your Startup folder so the Desktop Info updates each boot, you should run this shortcut in the Minimized Mode. And if you have customized the display, you need to add the path\filename to the end of the shortcut's Command Line so your customized display loads.


This utility defrags Systems Files as shown in the dialog. The utility runs the next time you boot, just like when you use the CHKDSK command.

System Files cannot be defragmented when you are at the desktop because they are in use, so this is the only way to defrag them.

In the screenshot example, note the highly fragmented C:\pagefile.sys, which is bad.

For both these utilities, the downloaded ZIP file contents is the entire utility (not an installer). You copy the UNZIPed files to a folder of your choice (usually you create a new folder in C:\Program Files). Then create a shortcut to the EXE to run the utility.

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