Monday, November 24, 2008

WINXP - DirectX

What is DirectX? (use link to find out)

As of this post, there is a problem. If you use the normal DirectX download for the DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer, it does not work.

The solution is to get the DirectX Download Nov 2008 (full package) (link is for download)

This is a big file, but contains ALL current versions of DirectX for all applicable versions of Windows. I suspect the the WEB installer is suppose to download only the version you need.

The reason I am posting this information, there are erroneous WEB posts that there is a DirectX 10 for WinXP (using a Google search). What makes ALL these posts suspect, is NONE lead to official Microsoft sites. Also, note that a DirectX 10 WinXP version is NOT listed on the DirectX page at top.

The above Nov 2008 package IS the official one and for WinXP and it installs DirectX v4.09.000.0904


Some games install or modify some DirectX files specifically for the game, normally they will NOT overwrite DirectX files if you already have the game-required version installed. My experience has been that these games check for the correct basic version of DirectX, then load game-specific DirectX drivers in the game's home folder.

The bottom line, if your current version of WinXP DirectX is HIGHER than the reference shown above, leave it be. If your version is lower, consider updating by running the Nov 2008 package.

The package will ask you where to unpack the files, just choose a temporary location (you can delete all the files when done), then run the actual installer EXE from there.

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