Thursday, September 18, 2008

SO IT BEGINS - Why I'm Here

I have over 30yrs experience in electronics, computers, and software.

So I have created this blog to pass on my experience on these subjects.

Note that I do not have any Certifications nor degrees. All I know is from hands-on.


My experience in electronics comes from 22yrs in the Navy (retired) in Avionics, including as an instructor. As for the other categories....

  • Tandy (aka Radio Shack) TRS-80 BD my first system (Before DOS)

  • Generic PC - DOS, Windows

  • Mainframe Systems (Unisys Corp)
  • Windows (SE, XP, 2000)

  • Novel limited experience

  • Unix limited experience

  • DOS & CP/M

  • Ashton-Tate dBase III and IV Programing

Well, lets put it this way. At home I have over 760gb of hard drive space, and only 80gb used by non-gaming software.

ALSO: Where I work, I am the division IT Technician.

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