Sunday, October 22, 2017

PC GAMING - Sniper Elite 4

Weeks ago I installed Sniper Elite:Italia and some DLCs (Steam) on my Win7 Pro 64bit desktop.

I also have Sniper Elite v2 and Sniper Elite 3.

This is the best of the series from Rebellion.

It has all the elements of Sniper Elite 3 and more.

What I like about this game series is using and improving my tactics to complete missions.

In addition to the Main Mission (several parts) operations in Italy, there are 4 DLC Missions.

  • "Target Fuhrer" (one mission)
  • "Deathstorm" (3 part mission)
And there's "Bullet Time where you watch your shot in slow-mo.

    Below are some screenshots from the game:

    Your target is one of Hitler's top henchman, and what he carries, in the mansion in the far background.

    When you start a mission you can choose weapons and supplies.  Your primary is (of course) a sniper rifle, secondary is an SMG, and third is your pistol.

    Your Level changes weapons effects:

    Those bullet drop and wind.  Of course you still have the "Hold Breath" option which puts a red target where your shot will hit.

    As you play, at the start of each mission you can adjust your "Skill Tree" with the skills you earned during missions.
    The yellow [i] means these have not been assigned, one you have not earned are grayed-out.

    Then there's your "Service Record" (aka Stats):

    I have played several rounds over the weeks and have reached the Level "Ghost" and am working on the Level "Elite" (2,481,370 out of 3,000,000 pts).  And I am Death Incarnate.

    And now videos:

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