Monday, October 29, 2012

WINDOWS - Microsoft's Shift Towards Tablets

"With Windows 8, Microsoft Makes Big Shift Away From PCs Towards Tablets" PBS Newshour 10/26/2012


SUMMARY: Microsoft has revealed its biggest makeover so far to the operating system found on nine out of every 10 computers in the world. Ray Suarez talks to Forrester Research's Charles Golvin about how Microsoft's decision to focus on tablet-style computers will impact consumers and the greater tech industry.

JUDY WOODRUFF (Newshour): For more than two decades, Microsoft has been a dominant force in the worlds of business and technology. But its position has been challenged and, in some ways, surpassed by Apple, Google and others in recent years. Some question its ability to innovate.

Now Microsoft is facing a pivotal moment and a crucial test, as Ray Suarez reports.

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