Sunday, July 29, 2012

LINUX - Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Well, back to Ubuntu, specifically Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and I installed the GNOME Desktop.

Back when, I started with Ubuntu, my laptop came with it pre-installed. I left Ubuntu because they went to the UNITY Desktop.

Well UNITY Desktop sucks, really. Talk about making things hard to find.

Of course Ubuntu 12.04 LTS installs with the UNITY Desktop, but it was very easy to install the GNOME Desktop after I was sure Ubuntu worked.

Ubuntu 12.04 with GNOME Classic Desktop
  1. Got Ubuntu working the first time after install
  2. Got folder sharing working in just a few clicks (incl prompt for SAMBA install and auto setup)
  3. After sharing worked, got my shared-printer (via my WinXP desktop system) in just 3 steps
  4. Installed GNOME Desktop (via Terminal commands) and chose the environment after reboot (at the logon dialog)
  5. Almost forgot, Ubuntu recognized my laptop's camera, the other distributions I tried did not
  6. The other reason for Ubuntu is that it includes built-in Upgrade, you do not have to do a full install 
  7. Found the Synaptiks Touchpad Management utility in the Ubuntu Software Center, which allows you to disable the touchpad when your mouse is connected !!!
So, my laptop is working (so far) flawlessly.

PS - Live and Learn:

There is a warning about installing the GNOME Shell (aka Desktop). Use only one method.

There are many souces to do this, which is the too-many-chefs symptom of OpenSouce software.

  • You CAN install the shell from Ubuntu's Software Center, just search "gnome."
  • Alternate method is go to the source, GNOME. At the bottom of this page is the "click away" link to install GNOME on Ubuntu. 
  • Alternate method (which I used) is to use Termainal commands. The one I recommend is "Installing Gnome 3 on Ubuntu 12.04" article, which uses the GNOME3-Team Repositories. Make sure in get the GNOME Tweak Tool. This method gives you the Enviroment Select Menu (upper-right icon in logon) shown below. Of course I selcected GNOME Classic.

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