Wednesday, March 2, 2011

SECURITY - Vicious Trojan, "System Tool"

This post it about a particularly vicious Trojan (malware) called System Tool on his Win7 PC.

This is a FAKE virus scanner. DO NOT buy it, that is what the hacker is trying to do, get your money and/or credit info.

What makes this one "vicious" is:
  • You cannot uninstall it normally

  • It is NOT listed in Add/Remove Programs

  • Prevents execution of normal antivirus and other utilities

  • Hides where it is installed

See screenshots of System Tool below:

Main Dialog
(click for better view)

It also replaces your normal background with a fake like example below or a blue background.

Fake Background (example)
(click for better view)

I found how to fix it at which provides removal guides and links to legitimate removal software or sites.

The biggest help they provide are videos on how to remove a threat. One video was how to remove System Tool on a Win7 system.

Note that on the Win7 PC I fixed the desktop link and file location were not what is shown in the video. It was a link to a "program" (not System Tool) that my client did not install.

Suggest you add to your Favorites.

Also, many antivirus utilities, like McAfee, provide Online Virus Removal services for a fee. So if you have an account, you can consider using the service if you can afford it.

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