Tuesday, January 25, 2011

LINUX - Linux Mint

Being the techie I am, I recently changed my laptop from Ubuntu to Linux Mint. In fact, I'm using it as we "speak."

Screenshot of my customized desktop (not their default):

(click for better view)

Why? The ONLY reason is the upcoming Ubuntu 11 is changing the environment to UNITY, which I do not like.

Why Mint? Click the desktop pic for the better view and see. Nice?

The other reason, a Usenet post pointed me to Mint and stated his experience. He is a high school teacher and is converting the class lab systems to Linux Mint. He reported that his students (WinXP users) took only 15min average to become familiar with, and use Mint, without assistance.

You can see from the desktop screenshot that it is almost identical to WinXP. Click [Menu] (aka Start) and you get a WinXP-like menu.

In my short experience it boots slightly faster than Ubuntu did.

And it has all the features that Ubuntu had. One of Mint's Software Manager many sources is Ubuntu's Repositories.

The only issue I had with installation was enabling fileshare. But this was just me having a memory issue. Linux installs do NOT automatically install the Windows filesharing service SAMBA. This is done whenever you attempt ANY function that requires fileshare.

If you are thinking of going Linux, take a look at Linux Mint.


I've been using Linux (Ubuntu now Mint) for some time and no OS is without its I-don't-like issues. One of my personal grips is the File Browser (aka Nautilus).

See screenshot below:

(click for better view)

Note the File Browser sidebar. You drag-drop what you want displayed from the main pane. This is important because what is displayed in any Save in folder drop-down list shows ONLY what is in the sidebar.

See screenshot of the typical save dialog. Note manual entry of the filename.

(click for better view)

I prefer a 2-pane File Manager, which IS available via Mint's Package Manager (aka Synaptic Packaging Manager). See screen shot of Gnome-Commander below:

(click for better view)

Well that's it for now.

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