Tuesday, October 19, 2010

WINXP - Utility Recommendations

Have 2 new Utilities to recommend.

  • WinBootInfo from GreenVantage

  • (click for better view)

    The screenshot shows you most of what you need to know about this utility (especially the summary block in the middle). The printed report is just as good.

    There is one drawback. GreenVantage uses a funky authorization key process and getting them to answer is a hassle.

  • Icon Phile (freeware)

  • This is an oldie but goody. Allows you to change icons shown by Explorer (My Computer) even those that normally cannot be changed (like the icon for TXT file types).

    The screenshots on their page says it all.

    NOTE: The download is a ZIP file that contains the entire utility. You copy or extract the contents to a folder of your choice (C:\Program Files\IconPhile for example), then create a shortcut to run it.

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