Wednesday, September 22, 2010

UBUNTU - New App Review Process

"The Ubuntu application review process" by Corbet, 9/22/2010

Canonical has announced a mechanism by which applications will be reviewed for possible acceptance into the Ubuntu Software Center. "Recently we formed a community-driven Application Review Board that is committed to providing high quality reviews of applications submitted by application authors to ensure they are safe and work well. Importantly, only new applications that are not present in an existing official Ubuntu repository (such as main/universe) are eligible in this process (e.g a new version of an application in an existing official repository is not eligible). Also no other software can depend on the application being submitted (e.g. development libraries are not eligible), only executable applications (and content that is part of them) are eligible, and not stand-alone content, documentation or media, and applications must be Open Source and available under an OSI approved license."

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