Tuesday, August 17, 2010

INTERNET - Reconnecting With Life

"Author Disconnects From Communication Devices to Reconnect With Life"
PBS Newshour 8/16/2010

I learned something from an Executive Secretary, if you feel swamped schedule your day. Which applies to more than just internet life.

Her examples (computer):
  • At work: ONLY check eMail on arrival, 1:00pm, just before leaving for the day

  • At work: Browse the WEB during lunch (1hr for her)

  • At home, workdays: Check eMail during breakfast (just in case something needs doing that day), no WEB browsing

  • At home, weekends: Check eMail once a day ONLY, and limit WEB browsing to ONE day, for a few hours, both AFTER dealing with family needs

  • At home: Go off-line when you do NOT need to use the internet (something I suggested)

NOTE: There is a way to go off-line WITHOUT powering-down your broadband modem/router.
  1. Open Network Connections

  2. Right-click your broadband-connection as listed and select Properties

  3. In the General tab, ensure BOTH checkboxes at bottom are check (makes Connect Icon visible in Taskbar Tray at ALL times)

  4. Exit back to Network Connections dialog and left-click + drag your broadband-connection to desktop and make a shortcut (you can move or copy this anywhere, like your Quick Launch bar)

  5. To go off-line: Right-click the Connect Icon and select Disable

  6. To go online: Use your broadband-connection shortcut, which will enable the connection

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