Saturday, September 12, 2009

HARDWARE - What a Difference a Case Makes

This post is about my latest hardware upgrade to my home Desktop PC, a new and improved case (aka enclosure), see image below.

My old case was 6yrs old and got very hot with the other high-performance hardware I have installed. See the graphs captured by HWMonitor Pro (shareware version) during game-play and you can see the improvement.

Antec 300 Enclosure
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The Antec 300 comes with 2 120mm fans, one on top (seen in image) and the other in the top-rear. But you can add 3 optional 120mm fans. One on the side (seen in image) and 2 behind the front grill below the blank-out plates. I added the side fan and one front fan.

The design is a big improvement over my old case:
  • Power Supply (PSU) is mounted in the bottom, my old case had the PSU mounted at the top just over the CPU and Memory Sticks; all that heat in one area and no top ventilation

  • The provided stowage with reusable ties for all the cables you do not use

  • You can see that the how large the front grill is, AND they have a removable/washable filter on the inside

  • They use Knurl Screws where possible, you can open the case with no tools

  • They provide plenty of extra screws, stand-offs, and Knurl Screws

And the improvement? Just see the following graphs (see closeups for the numbers):

  1. CPU Fan Before/After

  2. (click for images for larger view)

  3. CPU Temp Before/After

  4. (click for images for larger view)

  5. SYSTEM Temp Before/After

  6. (click for images for larger view)

Also, PCTech Video Review

(need I say, the Antec 300 is not their latest)

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